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I’ve been closely following University of Michigan’s search for a new coach this week, and when it was announced that Jim Harbaugh signed a deal to coach the 49ers, my focus then turned to Les Miles, despite all the media speculation that a great fit for Michigan should be Brady Hoke.

With that in mind, I sat down to watch the Cotton Bowl last night, featuring LSU with Head Coach Les Miles taking on Texas A&M, and immediately followed LSU’s win (41-24) with listening online to Pelican Broadcasting’s postgame show with host Tommy Krysan at out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Krysan mentioned that a source told him that Les Miles would be coming back to coach at Michigan, and then I listened intently through the remainder of the postgame show as WJBO fielded many questions from hopeful Michigan fans about this prospect.

This morning, online message boards speculated about whether or not this story had any truth to it, so I contacted Pelican Broadcasting to arrange a phone interview. I spoke with Tommy Krysan just after 3:30 pm to discuss what he knows about the status of Les Miles being offered the job of Head Coach at Michigan. Krysan stated emphatically, “I know for a fact that Les Miles is being offered the job by Michigan today.” Krysan said that he is 100% confident about this fact as stated to him by a source, but Krysan stated that of course he has no idea if Les will accept Michigan’s offer. Nebraska’s coach Bo Pelini is favored to take over as head football coach for LSU should Les Miles accept the University of Michigan’s offer.

During the postgame show last night, host Tommy Krysan said, “Home is home” when referring to Les Miles coming back to the University of Michigan, with his personal opinion that Miles would accept the offer. Still, throughout last night and today, Michigan fans remain skeptical and doubt that Les Miles will be offered the job as head football coach, and who can blame them after days of media speculation since the firing of Rich Rodriguez on Jaunary 4, 2011.

This morning on their official facebook page, Pelican Broadcasting posted, “Many thanks to all of the people who tuned in from across the nation, especially the Michigan fans and folks, to our Cotton Bowl Postgame Show from Baton Rouge. We appreciate it very much! Have a great weekend!” A still-skeptical fan then posted, “As a UM fan here, just wondering if you’re still standing by your story of Miles to UM and Pelini to LSU from last night?” Pelican Broadcasting’s reply is, “Yes, the next 24 to 48 hours will tell the tale.”

3 comments on “Louisiana sports talk host confident Les Miles is headed to Michigan

  1. Brandon on said:

    While i hope yall take Miles off our hand, Krysan is a horrible source. That guy has been on 38 talk shows and 27 media ventures it seems like over the last 20 years and is STILL a perpetual 3rd tier unknown in the baton rouge market. Krysan, in a desperate attempt to become relevant with his spiraling career took a shot in the dark and is hoping to be right. The guys in the “know” on radio here would be Gordy Rush or Charles Hannagriff of the LSU Sports Radio Network / 104.5 ESPN Radio Baton Rouge and they were basically saying that no one was reporting the rumors Krysan was. Krysan just read the LSU message boards and went with it.

    Just thought you should know, Miles is probably coming, but you won’t get that info first from a source like this.

  2. Nancy Rugani on said:

    Great news from Kelly Self at the Trenton News.

  3. Craig Koskela on said:

    Let’s hope for better years ahead for Michigan!

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