To the Editor:  Being a cute pet does not come easy for most, and Maggie is no exception. In Maggie’s case, she spends a solid 18 hours napping on her couch. When awake, she obsessively cleans her paws to ensure her nails remain untarnished from her unfortunate, but requisite, visits to the backyard. Ahh, but this daily ritual of sleep and grooming is merely preparation for the “barking hour” when she duly stands patrol on her chair, sending a high pitched reminder to all that walk by, that this is indeed the residence of the cutest pet in Trenton.


We are looking for submissions for our 2012 Cutest Pet contests. Exotic pets and other caged critters are welcome, too! Please send your high resolution jpeg picture to, or drop off your picture at our office Tuesdays or Thursdays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Include your name, the pet’s name and tell us in 100 words or less why you think they are Trenton’s Cutest pet. All pets featured from January- December will be entered into our Facebook Cutest Pet Contest and the winner will get a great prize and a photo shoot for the January 2013 edition.

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