Meet Lexi

To the Editor: Lexi (left) and Milo (right) are mother and son. The best thing is that they are also best friends, always playing and wrestling with each other. We adopted Lexi from Critter’s Pet Shop in Allen Park two years ago. She is a pomeranian sheltie mix. Milo is from her first litter of puppies. He will be 1 year old Aug. 25. Milo’s dad is a miniature poodle. These two are the best dogs that anyone could ever ask for. Attention and kisses are at the top of their list of things to do for the day.

Attention Pet Owners!!

Do you have Trenton’s Cutest Pet? Send a pic to and let the people decide! Include your name and the pet’s name, and tell us — in 100 words or less — why you think he or she is Trenton’s Cutest Pet. All Pet’s featured from January through December will be automatically entered into our Facebook Cutest Pet Contest and winner will get a great prize and a photo shoot for the January 2012 issue!

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