By John Robert

     A well-known Downriver area law firm has taken up residence in a West Jefferson Avenue storefront in Trenton’s downtown area — at least temporarily.


Randy Pentiuk

     Pentiuk, has called downtown Wyandotte home for the past decade, but the firm’s office sustained water and smoke damage during an early June fire that destroyed the building next door, which was occupied by Lions, Tigers and Beers, a popular sports bar on Biddle Avenue.

     Founded in 1989 by Randall Pentiuk, a Trenton native who now lives in Riverview, the firm quickly grew and became the largest firm Downriver, a distinction that Pentiuk believes still holds true today.

     Before moving to Wyandotte the firm anchored the Superior Place office building on Allen Road in Southgate that was constructed by the late Heinz Prechter’s Heritage Development Group.

     After the fire at LTB’s, Pentiuk and his partners, Joseph Couvreur and Kurt Kobiljak, were forced to scramble for a new location.

     Pentiuk said they had to look for something that was ready as it could be. The office on West Jefferson happened to suit their needs, even though it’s only about half the size of their home location.

     “We’re a little cramped,” he joked.

     At present, the plan is to eventually move back to the Wyandotte location once the office is restored.

     “We don’t know how long that will be,” Pentiuk said. “There’s no point in rushing back.”

     The attorneys have to wait for LTBs to be torn down, and the debris completely cleaned up, otherwise they risk simply allowing new contaminants or odors into their office and inhaling potentially dangerous airborne particles, he said.

     However, plans can sometimes change, and Pentiuk explained that because the firm is still expanding, there may be room for the Trenton office in its future.

     “Some people really like it,” he said of his staff, “so we wouldn’t rule it out.

     “We like being in Trenton,” he said.


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