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By Kathy Kane

I found Dave Reno’s store, Winedotte Wines, in Wyandotte, quite by accident a few months ago after attending a Third Friday in Wyandotte. While trying to avoid the construction, I popped in to see what Winedotte Wines was all about. What I found was a very enthusiastic and interesting Trenton neighbor who grew up here and just moved back last year. If you want to have a lively conversation, make sure to stop in and see David.

KK: You moved back to Trenton after being gone for about 30 years. What prompted you to come back?

Reno: I grew up here from 1959-1980. I was one of 14 kids. I have lived in 45 of the 50 states at one time or another, including Hawaii. But I was following a Times reporter, who was doing a re-birth of Detroit series, it was so appealing, I decided it may be time to move back home. My Mom was thrilled when my wife Melissa and I moved back to Trenton last March. My friends, though, were puzzled as to why I would leave the land of sunshine in Northern California for the rust belt.

KK: It seems you are happy with your decision.

Reno: Absolutely, and I am planning to buy a home  here soon! I want to go to the schools and tell kids to go on vacation, experience the other states but come back to work and live in Michigan. We have so many great resources and it is so much simpler and quieter than California. I love going for a run in Elizabeth Park in the morning and driving around here is a piece of cake.

KK: You have always been passionate about wine. I understand you even wrote your master’s thesis on it?

Reno: Yes, you could say that for sure. Wine is my chosen career and passion. I have had every job in the wine industry from sales to retail to wholesale, import and executive positions. I opened Winedotte Wines (off Fort and Eureka) and now I can be the guy who cares about pairing the right food with your wine and helping educate people who want to learn about wine instead of just crunching numbers. It is very exciting to me to explain where the grapes come from and how to determine a perfect choice for a perfect dinner party. I also really enjoy helping people set up their wine cellar.

KK: What do you do in your free time?

Reno: I love to play guitar. Cooking, of course, is another passion of mine along with golf and running. And we have a wine tasting coming up at Savannah’s April 23. The last one sold out, so I am really enjoying being part of the community again.

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