Volunteer enjoys taking an active role in city’s big events

By: Kathy Kane

Scott Barr

                I have worked with Scott Barr for the last six years on the Trenton Mid-Summer Festival committee. He has done a great job coordinating our art and craft booths and he did the same for a while on the Scarecrow Festival committee, too. He is one of those interesting neighbors in Trenton that is always behind the scenes making sure the big event happens … with style.

                KK: You volunteer for many events and committees. What are they?

                Barr: I have worked on the Civic Commission for the past eight years and, for those that don’t know, that is the group that puts on the (city) parades, annual awards banquet, citywide garage sales, shred day and other events. I have served on the festival committee for six year with last year serving on the art and craft committee and as festival chairman. Recently the Trenton War Memorial committee asked if I could assist on their group and it is such a worthy cause, I joined that, too.

                KK: Weren’t you also involved with an animal rescue in the past?

                Barr: Yes, we were involved with HEADS and all of our animals are rescued animals. We have Sassy, A Poojack; Allie, a Jack Russell Terrier; Buster, a pug; and our cats, Max and Gordon.

                KK: I understand you have been married to Maureen for 22 years?

                Barr: Yes, and still going strong! We met through a friend who had set her up with two “potential” candidates at a party. She obviously picked the right “candy-date.” I worked at Lloyd’s (restaurant) on Grosse Ile for 11 years and that is actually where I proposed, by sticking a note in her meal. I’m glad it went to the right table and that she didn’t eat it — and she even said YES that night.

                KK: What do you do for fun?

                Barr: We enjoy hanging out with our friends, Tim and Karen. Our favorite treat is Mancy’s (Steakhouse in Toledo, Ohio) and the movies. We also started Zumba classes at the YMCA, and I am really enjoying that.

                KK: What is Zumba?

                Barr: It is aerobics to Latin music. Maureen talked me into it and at first I could only do a half hour at a time. Now I can do 45 minutes and I am walking better and feel great.

                KK: Of everything you do with the city, what is your favorite activity?

                Barr: I have to say the Trenton Mid-Summer Festival. Even though there are many meetings, many hours and many headaches at times, I really enjoy everyone in our group and I get to socialize and ride in a golf cart all weekend. What’s not to like about that?

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