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By Kathy Kane

When I met Jason Adams through the Trenton Business Association recently he told me he was a Junior Deacon of Trenton/Wyandotte Masonic Temple #8, and I was curious to learn more about both him and the Mason.


     KK: How long have you lived in Trenton?

     Adams: I have lived in Trenton on and off my whole life but I have been a permanent resident for four months and I love it. I can’t see myself anywhere else. I moved to Trenton because of the family, city and all the amenities it has, such as a pool a library and friendly neighborhoods.

     KK: I understand you are a Mason. What is Valley of Detroit Scottish Rite?

     Adams:  I joined the Masons because I was looking for a brotherhood and good friends and I definitely found that! I have been a member for a little over a year and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. My favorite thing about being a Mason is the friends that I have made and all the community service projects that we do. We have the child ID program coming up during Trenton Mid-Summer Festival, so anyone with kids can feel free to stop by. It’s completely free. The Scottish Rite is appendant body (sub-group) of masonry. In order to join Scottish Rite you have to be a Mason. The Scottish Rite in Detroit has a school for children with dyslexia and we do a lot with that. Masonry consists of three degrees and when you go into Scottish Rite there is another 30 degrees that you can obtain.

     KK: You also have a new job?

     Adams: Yes, I wear many hats at PC Pickup in Taylor. I’m the store manager along with being in charge of sales and marketing. It’s one of the best jobs I have ever had. I get to meet new people all the time and a lot of business owners. We have reconditioned and new desktops computers and laptops along with our virus removal specialties. We have a good time at work and it makes life a lot better.

     KK: What else can you tell me about yourself?

     Adams: I’m a guy who truly enjoys to laugh and spend time with my brothers and family. I have three girls: Melody is 6, Brooke and Hailey are 4. I’m a hard worker, a father, an American, but, above all, I’m a Mason. I enjoy football and golf and being outdoors. One of my favorite sayings is don’t live for later in life because life is now.

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