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‘Good Neighbor’ honoree enjoys helping others

By Kathy Kane

We spotted Ted Hageman at this year’s City Awards Banquet, where he was presented the Good Neighbor Award. Marie Bingham, his neighbor for 44 years, nominated him for all he does for her, including shoveling her walk in the winter and cleaning her windows in the spring! His name is often brought up around town as he also won the Dwayne Brannick Award for outstanding service to the community three years ago and is involved with many groups and causes.

KK: According to your neighbor you once cleared 38 houses of snow with your snow plow and you also do windows. It seems you have a lot of energy!

Hageman: I enjoy getting out and doing things and when I can help someone it gives me energy. I only do one big window though, they are on their own for the others (laughs).

KK: It’s Memorial Day Parade time of year again and I understand you have a bit to do with the Veterans portion of the parade.

Hageman: Yes, I have been helping with the Memorial Day parade since 1992. I am in charge of the military section 1. It is about a six-week preparation time before the parade to coordinate all the marching and riding units. I am especially proud that we are able to get the Canadian Pipers who add so much entertainment to the parade experience.

KK: You were involved with the War Memorial dedication last year.

Hageman: I was on the committee and am just so proud of what the group has done to resurrect the memorial and honor our fallen troops. It means so much to me as I am also a past commander for American Legion and VP for the VFW 1888 Men’s Auxiliary, as well as a Veterans Honor Guard since 1992. In our VHG group that serves Downriver, we carried out 267 final tributes at funerals last year and have served just over 300 already for this year. It is a big commitment, but so rewarding for us and so special to families.

KK: I know you also spend many hours with Toys for Tots at Christmas with your wife, Florence. Do you ever have time for other hobbies?

Hageman: Yes, I have also had the honor to be named a Royal Canadian Military Member for the past 18 years and I truly love attending a Canadian service and being the only representative to carry the U.S. flag. There is no greater honor to me than respect and service to this country. I also get to golf a couple days a week and we get to visit the grandkids in Utah a few times a year. It’s so great to give, live in the U.S.A. and enjoy all that comes with it.

One comment on “Interesting Neighbor May 2012

  1. Kathy Kane on said:

    What a great guy!

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