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On a warm night in September I found Pat Trombley sitting on his porch reading the Trenton Trib (really!), so I was compelled to make him our Interesting Neighbor for this issue. And it didn’t take long to determine that Pat is indeed a pretty interesting guy.

                KK: You have an active family in Trenton, tell me about them.

                Trombley: My wife is Judy and we have three kids: Eric (11th grade), Allison (12th) and Chris, who is attending Monroe College.

                KK: I heard you had been laid off for some time, but you are working again?

                Trombley: Yes, I worked for Tamico in Riverview for 20 years when I was laid off. I wasn’t sure what to do with my time so I took a class at Henry Ford Community College and a few weeks into it I landed a job at BASF. So then it was really busy with work and school, but I still managed an “A” in the class. That’s one thing that I learned — never stop learning. Now I’m taking my CDL test so I can drive air-brake trucks.

                KK: What do you do in your spare time now?

                Trombley: I like to deer hunt and golf, but I’ll say that my kids are my hobby. My main goal in life is keeping them busy and out of trouble. I also like to make sure that I try and bring a smile and share a laugh with whoever I run into.

                KK: You have been working on a trailer for a concession at the High School. Tell me about that.

                Trombley: Yes, through the Touchdown Club, two 19-foot-by-5-foot trailers were donated and we are adding wheels and renovating the stands so the teams can use them for fundraising. We would really like to know who donated them so we can add a plaque to recognize the donors. In case anyone knows who donated them, please let me know!

                KK: I understand you gave some time to protect our country.

                Trombley: Yes. I did my duty in Dessert Storm and I think there must have been something in the water because when I returned, it was a matter of a few years and Judy and I had three little storm babies to contend with. We chose to live in Trenton because it’s family friendly and even though things have been tough in our family and in the community, I know we will be able to get out of “survivor mode” and back into saving and enjoying our future soon. Keep it positive and it’s all good.

One comment on “Interesting Neighbor- October 2010

  1. Kim Vinca on said:

    This was a great article. I enjoyed reading about a neighbor right down the street from me that I actually knew. Completely agree that he was a good choice for the article. Way to go Trenton Trib.

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