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In my other business, we are working nonstop keeping up with social media marketing. Since the inception and release of Google+ early last year, I have been studying up. If you do any kind of marketing at all, you can’t afford to be left behind on this one.

The biggest benefit to business is obviously the search engine potential. Since I signed up and started my business pages on Google+, it has moved me again to the front page and continues to do so whenever I post on marketing topics.

The second reason businesses should consider this is for the hangout. It is so much simpler than GoToMeeting and Skype. Download a quick app to the computer or device you will use, sign in to Google+ and press hangout and invite people. I use it with our sales staff and we can share screens and discuss from our various offices, it is very easy and efficient for business meetings.

The third cool thing is the “capture the photos from your cell phone app.” It’s awesome to know that your photos are in a cloud even if your cell is stolen or broken or worse yet, you can’t or don’t know how to transfer your phone photos.

The best thing for business, I think is, that you can separate business from family and friends and other groups you may have in your various circles and post accordingly. It makes things so much more relevant than posting business information to, say, high school friends you never even see any more or your business tidbits to your family.

If you notice, the Google team has stepped up the awareness campaign to prime time commercials and spot ads in large publications like Time magazine. More people are becoming aware and more curious about it every day.

It’s not there yet, but 400 million users are predicted to be on Google+ by the end of the year. Facebook currently has about 500 million users.

I don’t see a mass exodus from Facebook, but I do see a lot more people joining the party on Google+. If you are already using Google products, Google+ just makes things a whole lot easier and if you have a Gmail account or YouTube account or any other Google product account,  you already have a Google+ account. So if you decide to join Google+,  join my circle and I’ll add you to mine!

Kathy Kane is co-publisher and business manager of the Trenton Trib. Contact her by email at

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