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Kathy Kane

Why did I choose this career path? I have been asking myself that quite a bit lately. Actually I started my marketing business thinking I would make my own hours, which sort of worked until I added another business to the mix.

As a presenter at Arthurs Middle School career day earlier this year, a couple of students got really excited about marketing. One student told me he signed up for marketing as a high school elective because it sounded fun. Others have asked about what kind of education and preparation they need to go into the field.

The first year I presented, only a handful of students had Facebook accounts or knew anything about Twitter or blogging. This year almost all students in sixth to eighth grade had Facebook accounts. Can you imagine the implications if Facebook is still popular in 20 years?

In April, my son wanted a day off school for the “Bring your child to school day” and I agreed, but only if he would work my normal schedule which was 7:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m. that day.

He reluctantly consented since I also threw in lunch and dinner. He was actually quite a good assistant and kept our schedule on track all day, even when it included adding a few extra trips to the bank, an extra photo shoot and then our final assignment to cover the Schools to Watch celebration at Arthurs Middle School.

He asked me if I worked this crazy every day. Well, I said, “Not every day, other times we have baseball or hockey or a meeting to add to the mix.”

The following week, my friend Lori asked if her daughter could shadow me for the day for her class at St. Mary’s, so she accompanied me to a Rotary meeting, the bank, post office, Recreation Center, City Hall and back to the home office where I needed to complete a heck of a lot of writing.

She asked, “What do you like most about your jobs?” Now, mind you, this was on a day some things were not all falling into place as expected, so I did need to think hard on that …

But, I suppose the best thing about my job is that every day I get another chance to help groups create awareness and build some potential sales for the local economy. The other best thing about my job is that I am surrounded with some really entertaining and ambitious people, so most days are productive and amusing.

I know others out there that don’t enjoy their career as much as I do, so kids, choose wisely. We all have to work, but if somehow you can like what you do and the people you do it with, it just makes all the hours a bit more pleasant.


Kathy Kane is co-publisher and business manager of the Trenton Trib. Contact her by email at


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