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Kathy Kane

Ah, if we could live vicariously through our vacation memories, I think life might be a little less stressful…            Yeah, mon, think reggae and sounds of waves crashing on a beach — some type of drink with an umbrella and, OK, it might almost work.

Even though I preach to my kids work hard but play harder, there wasn’t much time last year for play. So when we were able to get away on a family cruise that my mom and dad planned for the whole family, I had to jot down some notes to refer to when I want to “escape” at home — at least in my mind.

Random vacation thoughts …

•Do you know the less you look at your email, the less spam you get?

•Did you know that the monopoly game was based on Atlantic City, N.J. (this was noted by our captain on a layover.)

•A word of advice: no sparkly tops at the airport. That is now grounds for getting pulled over, frisked and your hands swiped.

•For you bargain hunters, take a trip to Tampa for great seats and prices at the Rays games with just as many Tigers fans in the crowd as Rays fans. And if you get there two hours before, take advantage of the free parking up front.

•Four cans of sunscreen in 10 days on four bodies equal no burns.

•Buying 100 Internet minutes on board and using only 90 minutes is a proud “let-go” moment.

•Best part of a vacation is definitely the naps!

Most excellent memory … playing ping-pong at the pool and taking time to talk about nothing.

Most impressionable moment …Stopping in Roatan, Hondurus, to go snorkeling and having to ride through a village littered with poverty and protected by security.         On our way back the entire bus was still as we rode past the dirt-floor homes with no windows and school with barbed wire.

The bright spot on this island were the well-dressed children coming home from school with backpacks with the Rotary International emblem emblazed in bright gold. I had once heard at a conference that Rotary had built a school in Hondurus. So it was such an inspiring moment to realize that in some small way my own Trenton Rotary Club and Rotary district were instrumental in bringing this much needed help to this area of the world.     It’s also a great reflection on how many blessings I have and how thankful I am to be living in our little part of Hometown, U.S.A.

So, for now, it’s back to work and start saving for another adventure — and hoping I don’t get too cranky without being able to take an afternoon nap.

Kathy Kane is co-publisher and business manager of the Trenton Trib. Contact her by email at If you would like to keep tabs on Trenton news and events online, please sign up to follow us on Facebook or bookmark and visit frequently for regular news updates.

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