By Christina Gurtowsky

Cheryl Carr Accepts the Business of the Year for Savannah's

The 2011 Trenton Business Association Member of the Year is Savannah’s restaurant, located at 2156 West Jefferson Ave.

                The award was announced during the State of the City program held last month at the Westfield Activities Center.

                Manager Cheryl Carr graciously accepted the award from TBA President Krishelle Kohler, and thanked voters for the support.

                “I am overwhelmed and flattered by the support we have received from our customers and people in the community,” Carr said. “We are honored to have received the TBA Business of the Year, especially since we are a new business to Trenton.”

                The Trenton Business of the Year Award is chosen each year through an online contest conducted through the TBA’s Website,

                Savannah’s was one of nine businesses that had been nominated for the honor. The others were 5/3 Bank, Jerzey’s, Jocks & Associates, Mom’s Restaurant, Metro Shores Credit Union, M&M Printing, Savannah’s, The Shirtery and West-Grange SavMor Drugs

                Voting took place between Jan. 10-21. Vote totals increased by more than 500 votes from last year, with 1,796 votes placed for all nine candidates. Savannahs’s received 642 of the 1,796 votes.

                Savannah’s notified customers they had been nominated for the award by promoting it on their Website and Facebook, sending out emails to their customer list, and leaving fliers about the nomination with their patrons’ bills.

                The restaurant also belongs to the Detroit and Downriver Business Association (DADBA), and promoted itself through the association’s member email list.

                Carr said she plans to place a banner in front of the store that states they are the 2011 TBA Business of the Year. 

                “We enjoy the enthusiasm and support we are getting from everyone,” Carr said.

                The Business of the Year is one of two major honors the TBA accords to each year. The other his Member of the Year. That honor was presented at the City Awards Banquet in January to Carol Simmons of PNC Bank.

                Additional information about Savannah’s is available at

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