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Everyone needs a job. Everyone does not have a job that they would like. Recently I have given some thought to the path you take to get to that spot.

For teens and young adults, they are given many opportunities to find the career they would like. High school classes offer ideas and ways to think about what area of work they would like to join. I have recently picked my schedule and found many results and something I’d like to be a part of as I grow older.

When I was younger I was like most kids wanting to be a fireman and a police officer. Now I am getting older and having to look more in-depth for career options. There are many pathways I would like to look into. But I have noticed jobs and careers have changed very much over the last years.

You can no longer find a factory job where you can work for 20 years and then retire. You still have to go to school and get an education, but there aren’t as many job options. As technology increases, there could soon be fewer jobs available for the average citizen.

Such as people in the medical field are growing very popular with many new jobs opening up. But think about the engineering field, which is decreasing not providing as many jobs.

I would like to know how many people are working at a job, if any, that are way lower than their standard degree. As an example, you could go to school and become a teacher. Once it’s time for the next step and trying to get the job, what if there are no open spots and no one is needed in that specialty you went to school for? Then what do you do?        Then you are put in a pickle and hope you find a way to achieve success and get a job. My point to all of this is you have to give yourself options and make sure there is a backup plan if something goes wrong. I know I’m only 13 and have a lot to learn, but I feel I am making a good point.

Here’s another example. I would like to continue writing journal entries and expand and may even do this when I am older. But what if there’s no job for me in the newspaper business? I have to have another job in mind and go to school and work hard for another position.                When jobs and responsibilities decrease in this country people could be in trouble. That needs to be changed, so everyone knows they will have a job.

I’ve heard people say that if you have the job you like, it’s not like work. I have kept that idea in mind and have worked hard to get an idea of the career I would like to have someday.

People need to start coming up with new jobs and ways to help the upcoming generation with more careers so people can have a better and successful life.

Griffin Sawyer is an eighth grader at Arthurs Middle School.

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