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Editor’s Note: Our thanks to Arthurs Middle School seventh-grader Griffin Sawyer, who penned this article for the Trenton Trib and will keep us informed on other important middle school issues as well as school activities in the months ahead.

Many events lately have been a big deal for some students at Arthurs Middle School, such as Washington D.C., The Student of The Month, Field Day, and The All “A’s” academics morning. All students look forward and would like to be a part of all these events.

The 8th graders of Arthurs recently took their annual Washington, D.C., trip. At 3 a.m. on Tuesday, April 5, all 8th graders (who decided to go) met up at the school and started their journey to D.C.

 They took many buses averaging 30 kids a bus. You suggest a friend and sit by them on the bus and they are your roommate for the days you are there. The kids get to see many historical monuments such as Gettysburg, the place where Flight 93 crashed, Arlington Cemetery, The Smithsonian, The memorial mall, Capital Building, Supreme Court, Baltimore, and best of all The White House.

 They kids arrived back home on Saturday, April 9, early in the morning. The kids said they had a blast and it was a great experience. Some kids already want to go back. Washington, D.C., is a great time and is now a great memory.

Student of The Month is a really popular thing at Arthurs. Every month every teacher chooses a student who has done some outstanding things inside and out of the classroom. The kids who get picked meet up with their parents in the forum and get called up one by one, and get many little novelties, such as a piece of paper signed by both principals that has your picture on it, a bookmark, some candy, and pencils.

After everyone gets called up you go to the cafeteria, and have some cookies and fruit punch. A different tradition you do on student of the month, is everyone sits on the stairs together, and take a picture that they post in the lobby. So you get some novelties, cookies, some punch, but best of all, you get to be The Student of The Month.

One day nobody misses is field day. It is a whole day where all kids get to hang out and play some fun activities. Every kid gets a ticket which gets you a lot of pizza and pop. There are some real fun things to do at Arthur’s field day, such as inflatable obstacle courses, board games, jump houses, mini hockey, table tennis and even just sitting around with your friends.

Usually the main two events are the Oobleck Run, and The Student vs. Staff Game. The oobleck run is where you mix water and cornstarch and it is like walking on water. When you’re at field day, you have to do the Oobleck run. The student vs. staff game is where the students get to play the teachers in a softball game. Twelve teachers and 12 students get picked in this fun, intense softball game. If you would like to chaperone or help out at field day contact Arthurs. It will be on May 27. Hopefully this year’s game along with the rest of field day will be as awesome, as it has been.

One of the most memorized achievement at Arthurs is the all “A’s” academics morning. If you get all “A’s” in a quarter, you get invited to the breakfast. Before one the school days you go to the cafeteria and get to have refreshments and doughnuts. Then you all go to the gym and take a picture of all the students together. That photo gets hung up in lobby so everyone can see who got all “A’s”. It is pretty fun there because you deserve it and got invited to the all A’s academic breakfast.

Arthur’s Middle School is a great place to go to school. Many cool and exciting events happen there everyday. You should come here and find out how awesome it is yourself!

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