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Editor’s Note: Our thanks to Arthurs Middle School seventh-grader Griffin Sawyer, who penned this article for the Trenton Trib and will keep us informed on other important middle school issues as well as school activities in the months ahead.

By Griffin Sawyer

                Should sports come before school? It is a popular debate amongst student athletes. While teachers and some kids usually say school should come first, there are two sides to every story.

But if you think about it, you only have a 6 percent chance of actually finding a career for a professional sport of any kind. However, what if you could be in that 6 percent and are good enough. Shouldn’t practice become more important than homework at times?
        Since most kids fall within the 94 percent range that finds careers other than sports, school is a must for most. One of the most important reasons kids say sports should be second is because you do have a way better chance of getting a job not involving any sport.

                You could also say school first because sports cost a fortune. Most times you don’t have to pay to go to school. But for sports, you have to pay a lot. For families that can’t afford a sport or don’t want to get their kids in sports, usually don’t let kids play at a young age. That way they can encourage their kids not to play sports and to want to do something other than them.
        Six percent can be a lot if you think about it. Most kids say sports first because it’s real fun and you can enjoy yourselves with the sports rather than reading or doing homework. Kids say sports are very energetic and you’re almost always moving or being active.

                Most kids enjoy that and want to be moving and having a rush. A very popular way kids love sports is because you’re almost always with your friends. You can be with your friends and doing something you love at the same time.
        So school is probably more important than sports. But what if you could do them both and not have to choose? In high school or even middle school you can play sports and still have a good education. Usually if you are in the 6 percent range, teenagers get scholarships to colleges.

                They get to do what they love, and also get to go to class and get an education. You need to have a back-up plan. So, if you don’t make it to professional sports, or if you do and get injured, you have to have a Plan B.   School and sports are a great argument and have to good sides to the point.

                So, school vs. sports? What’s your opinion?

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