Technology is great — but what’s wrong with using pencil and paper?

Griffin Sawyer

As and adult, have you ever thought about how much technology has changed from when you were a kid until now? Many, many differences have occurred since the past — new phones, TVs, computers, iPods, and even some new radios.

                Not only are they different, but the ways you use them are different, too. There are many examples on how technologies purpose has changed.

                One of the main differences is cell phones. You used to just be able to talk on phone, but now there are many ways. The size has also changed. Old cell phones used to be 12 inches tall and three pounds. Now some phones are not even a pound and 2 inches tall!

                The new thing to do with cell phones is texting. Adults text, teenagers text, and even some kids under the age of 10 have their own phone and text. People text during work, at home, and just whenever they want and can. Kids even text during school. Some people text while they’re driving! What has this generation come to be?

                Computers have changed a lot, too. There used to just be thousands of Websites; now there’s hundreds of thousands. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other Websites have millions of users. Did you know that if the Facebook members had their own country they’d be the fourth-largest populated country in the world?

                There was never a lot of ways to interact with others in the past rather than just talking. Now, on computers you can have a face-to-face conversation with camcorders. Even some real high-tech phones let you have face to face chats, too. Computers also have many other fun things to do. Computer games, and installments like Microsoft and Excel let kids be creative and have fun. Computers have changed a lot in past years.

                Yes, technology is fun, but do we use it as little too much? Technology is everywhere. Homes, businesses, schools, and much more. When about 30 percent of the teaching techniques have to do with technology, you’re a little overboard. Typing something is easier but what’s wrong with a pencil and a sheet of paper? Typing won’t improve your handwriting. Some video games let you do workouts on them and interact. But what’s wrong with taking a walk or run around your neighborhood? I bet any video game won’t get you in as much shape as really walking.

                If technology keeps growing as fast as it is, will people leave their homes once a day at least in the future? Next time you’re about to send a text or a quick email for something quick, how about you rethink that? Just give them a call or meet up with them. Probably a lot of these questions really do make you think, “Do we need technology as much as we use it?”

                Welcome back to Arthurs Middle School eighth-grader Griffin Sawyer, who will again be a regular contributor to the Trenton Trib throughout the school year.

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